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Full text search across Intents and Filter on Input/Ouput contexts

Are you spending a lot of time jumping back and forth in Dialogflow because you cannot find that intent which has the specific phrase you are looking for? The Dialogflow Navigator app can help!

You can do a full text search across all your intent - search within intent names, user says phrases, text responses, input contexts, output contexts, events and actions. 


  • no need to install anything - just click to open the app in your browser
  • pay once, use forever
  • I will keep periodically updating the app based on feature requests - you get access to all future versions for no extra cost


Enroll in the free trial to see the full demo. 

What if there is a bug in the app and I cannot use it?

I am usually quite proactive about fixing bugs and you will be able to get the fixed, bug-free version of the app at no extra cost, and as soon as (reasonably) possible. 

What if the app doesn't have a specific feature I want?

If it is a feature which fits into what I have already built, I will try and implement it in a future version - this wouldn't cost you anything extra. If it is a highly custom request, you can hire me to build it out for you. 

What if Dialogflow's next update makes these features obsolete?

Hopefully, you would recoup your costs by the time this happens! In my estimate, based on the average hourly rate of 1 developer + 1 bot creator who manages the developer, it would have paid for itself if it saves you 15 minutes!

Does the app sync with Dialogflow as I make changes inside the Dialogflow console?

As of v1.1 not yet. You need to download the ZIP file and reload it to my app as you make changes. I am definitely thinking about the one-click update using Developer Access Token, but it is a little tricky to implement given it is a JavaScript app and the auto-update might be quite slow. 

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Dialogflow Navigator App v1
Dialogflow Navigator App v1.1

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Aravind Mohanoor
Aravind Mohanoor

About the instructor

Aravind Mohanoor is a Dialogflow consultant/trainer. He is the founder of MiningBusinessData, one of the leading websites on the topic of Dialogflow.

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Gary Miller

Definitely useful, but has some limitations

I must admit, I hadn't noticed that the app works on a downloaded zip of the agent, rather than directly with the agent in the Dialogflow console (perhaps I skimmed over that in the video) so if you make changes to your agent in DF, you will have ...