Intelligent Chatfuel bots using Dialogflow

Want to make your Chatfuel bot more intelligent? 

In this course, you will learn how to build intelligent Chatfuel bots by integrating them with Dialogflow. Dialogflow (formerly API.AI) is considered one of the best frameworks for adding NLP based AI in your conversational bots. 



  1. You need to be able to run PHP on your website
  2. You need someone on your team who can run/debug PHP code
  3. You should already have your development environment setup for PHP debugging if you want to modify the code

"Aravind is an excellent Dialogflow coach and has helped me out on many occasions. Highly recommended" - Deborah Kay creator of EmojiBot2.0

What's included?

5 Videos
Aravind Mohanoor
Aravind Mohanoor

About the instructor

Aravind Mohanoor is a Dialogflow consultant/trainer. He is the founder of MiningBusinessData, one of the leading websites on the topic of Dialogflow.